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Explanation on wikipedia  what is a chip
Europetnet  owner search Europe-wide

 owner search worldwide

Tasso (Europe)  free chip register
idChips (Belgium)  chip register
iCad (France)  chip register
Petlog (UK)  chip register
Fido (Ireland)  chip register
Anis (Switzerland)  chip register
Animaldata (Austria)  chip register
Homeagain (USA)  chip register
Ketteregister (Danmark)  free chip register
RCA (Netherlands)  chip register
Petmaxx  owner search worldwide 

If you have found a cat which could be chipped your local vet, animal shelter or boarding cattery will certainly
read out and identify the chip for free. To find out if and where a cat is registered you can use the search engines above. 


Please keep your chip register(s) up to date and inform them about any change of ownership, lost, death or
a new address. Only well-informed chip registers can help !

 Lost cats    
Dé        lost and found ads Déirerubrick      
Deierenasyl          national animal protection foundation in Lux.-Gasperich  
Deiereschutz Norden          animal protection association Oesling

Déirefrënn          animal protection organization with online search list  
Sepa          animal protection organization Esch/Alzette  
Foundation Atlantis  
Cats with pedigree    
FIFe          parent organization (worldwide)  
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Breeders association         breeders association  
Cat club UK  
 ESAVS         European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies  
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